for MSPs

It is no longer if, it is when you or your customers will experience a breach.  At our goal is help ensure a hacker misses you and your customers and targets the next victim – essentially making you ‘invisible‘.

Vulnerability Platform

Cyber CNS brings affordable, easy to use and powerful Vulnerability Management to all sizes of of MSP’s and their customers.

Multi-tenanted platform that can be shared across all customers environments, including Work-From-Home.

Close the doors and windows to make it hard for a hacker to exploit you and your customers.


Data Privacy Risk Platform

Actifile automatically discovers sensitive data files, categorises, tracks, and monitors its movement with the optional ability to minimise the risk of being stolen by transparently encrypting private data making it useless to a hacker.

Actifile resides transparently in your system and acts automatically before, during, and after data-related incidents, reducing the impact by over 98%.


Security Platform

Comodo Cybersecurity moves security to a prevention-based solution instead of relying just on ‘old school’ detection-based products.

To stop malware and hackers you must stop unknown files from being able to write to the disk.

Comodo Cybersecurity is one of the few security solutions that is focused on stopping the damage caused by hackers, by preventing a breach before the breach occurs.

Comodo since Oct 5th 2020 has publicly displayed that they have had ZERO breaches.

Can your AV vendor say the same?




Security Solutions for MSPs was founded by an MSP to deliver high value, low-cost security centric solutions to small and medium sized MSP’s.

Imagine if you had the confidence to focus on new technology in the knowledge that a local MSP managing several thousand endpoints, has already proven that the technology works before you invest your teams time to validate that it actually works in your MSP’s unique ecosystem.

Cybersecurity is critical

to all sizes of companies

A key decision is do you follow the pack and sell the same products as everyone else, or do you deliver unique solutions that actually differentiate yourself from other MSP’s and help make your customers ‘invisible’.

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What potential risks does your business face?

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Design and implementation of systems to minimise identified risk.



Training your staff on technology best practices.

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Detect and Respond

Early detection & response is key to mitigating the potential damage.



Efficient data recovery will allow your business to return to normal trading in no time.


What We Offer

We deliver more than just selling you products, we also provide

  • Strategies to drive sales to new customers
  • How to upsell your existing customers
  • Marketing materials to drive success

Our goal is help you grow your business and protect your customers.

Demand Generation (example)

Ask any prospective customer:

How many critical and exploitable vulnerabilities do you have in your business right now, today that a hacker will use to steal your data and infect you?

Security Proof of Value

Using our proven methodologies, we make it actually very simple for a new prospect to deploy an initial trial or a [chargeable] audit to prove your solutions are game changing

Driving Social Awareness

We deliver a variety of marketing information that can be repurposed for multiple social content to help drive awareness for your MSP business and the solutions that we deliver.

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